A Foggy Morn’s Clear View

Tuesday dawned darker than usual.  The sun that usually awakens me didn’t and I rose 30 minutes later than I’m accustomed to doing.

At 6:44 a.m., I opened our front door and looked out on our world and…blinked. Then, I felt to see if my glasses were on my face and finding them astride my nose, removed them to see if they needed cleaning.

Surely they needed cleaning.

With or without glasses, the view before me was fuzzy, dark, and monochromatic.  A confusing swirl of muted images blanketed the landscape.


The first fog of the season.

My mind whispered, “That’s one snowfall this Winter.”  I quickly shushed her and reminded her this is now September…August is 9 days past.

I quietly slipped out the door and into the fog.  My exposed skin tingled as the cool airborne water droplets clung to me.  I breathed the cool moist morning air in deeply and held it.  Then, I breathed it out with a whispered “Aaahhhhhh.”

The warm moist air from my lungs met the cool fog and swirled together before blending.

I wanted to linger in the quiet dampness and allow it to blanket me with calm.  But, life called and I had no choice but to answer.

Droplets dripped from my hair as I emerged from the fog.

Some small part of me had been renewed…transformed by my foggy experience.  What had begun as confusion morphed into an odd ethereal calmness that encompassed me, enveloped me…entered me.

Centered me.

As my early morning progressed, my mind returned time and again to the fog and my experience with it. I found myself gazing out every window, lost in foggy wonder.

.At 8:30, I paused as I passed  the window in my office.  The okra growing 20 feet from my back door had become visible.  As I watched, the fog continued to lift and the tree at the back of our yard slowly appeared. Houses and cars , trashcans and mailboxes all became visible as I watched.

The fog was lifting as though called upward by some unheard voice that gathered it gently in a hazy cloud…up, up, up.

By 9 a.m. the fog was little more than a thin veil over the sun.  Dew drops dripped from every leaf and blade of grass.

By 9:30 the sun had broken the foggy veil into puffy low clouds that soon evaporated.

As the day progressed, the fog evaporated leaving only the memory of it.

…memory and the reminder to slow down and take time to live…to see, to touch and to be touched.

Take a moment right now and focus on something beyond yourself, something simple that you see every day and never notice.  Step outside and open yourself to the wonders of nature.  Let God’s peace touch you…calm you…change you.

Who would have ever thought a foggy morning would have the power to clear one’s vision?


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