A Harbinger of Frost

On June 28 of this year, I posted that I’d heard the first Cicada and remarked that it seemed a bit early.

Folklore says look 3 months beyond the first heard Cicada to the first frost.

Three months forward from June 28 = September 28.  A week ago.

Last night the low temp was 42 and tonight the low is forecast to be 37 here (or 33 northeast of here).  We are under a frost advisory.



To find out more Autumn and Winter weather forecasting methods check out the Natural Almanac.

I might add that according to the Natural Almanac we shouldn’t see a snowfall this winter.  Our morning fogs came in September this year, not August. But, according to Snow Lore 101, we should see snow 4 ft high.   😉

Who knows, right? I surely don’t.

What I do know is that a tried and true prognosticator is telling me my day has begun – the  sun’s coming up.

If I’m going to squeeze all I can from this present day, I’d better get up and get busy.

This present day – that’s all I have.  I can plan for and look ahead to the future, but I can only affect the future by what I do in the present – now. It’s now that matters and what I do now counts.

Three months ago I was thinking forward to the first frost.  Today I’ve wondered about the first snowfall. Thinking and wondering doesn’t do much more than spin our wheels unless it motivates us to take action.

Thinking, wondering, looking ahead – these should drive us to be better, do better, live better in anticipation of what lies ahead.

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