Cheese in the Dog’s Water Bowl

Sometimes the events of the morning dictate how the day will go simply because of our reactions to them.

For instance – I was preparing Hubby’s lunch and as I unwrapped a slice of cheese, it slipped from my fingers and fell into the dogs’ water bowl.

“Wonderful,” I thought as I bent down to retrieve it.

It wasn’t exactly wonderful – it was wasteful and cut into my already rushed morning routine – so as I plucked it from the water bowl, I made a decision and asked my mind to snap a memory of how the slice of cheese looked in the dogs’ water bowl.

It landed half in the water.  The uppermost half leaned against the side of the slanted bowl.  One corner of it was draped over the edge.  It resembled someone relaxing in a hot tub with an arm draped across the edge of it. Funny!

As I dropped it into the trash I muttered, “go swim in someone else’s dog bowl. The pool here is closed.”

My reaction to the dropped cheese had the power to affect the remainder of not only my day but Hubby’s as well (and each person we touched throughout the day).

All too often I react instead of choosing my response.  Perhaps it’s part of my personality.  Perhaps it’s simply learned behavior.  Perhaps, it’s a mixture.  I don’t know….

What I do know is that I need to be less reactionary and more intentional in responding in ways that are healthy, honorable, gentle and kind.