Redbud Winter 2015

With bated breath, I watched the forecast late last week.  Lows in the mid 20’s were forecast for Friday and Saturday nights.

Peach and plum trees, in full bloom, would suffer.  As would ornamental trees.  The first blush of Spring would brown by morning.

I grieved the loss I knew would come.  Then, I acknowledged that it was beyond my control, took action to protect what I could and moved on, hoping for the best.

Friday night’s temp dropped as forecast.  There was talk of Redbud Winter, but no Redbud blossoms had yet been sighted.

‘Round these parts we have Spring “Winters” – Redbud is the first, followed by Dogwood, Locust, Blackberry and Cotton Britches.  By the time Cotton Britches Winter gets here, we’re usually glad for the cooler temps it brings.

Yesterday, Saturday, Hubby and I headed out on an errand run.  We had not gone 50 feet before I saw confirmation that this was, indeed, Redbud Winter.  It was as if the freezing temperatures had squeezed the branches and popped out the blooms.

As we traveled down the interstate, the blush of Redbud dotted hills.

Spring had officially arrived.

The last freeze of the season?  I doubt it.  The last cold snap? Nope.

Time to finish garden prep?  You betcha! It’s time to plant garden peas and lettuce.

Springtime marches toward Summer.  We’ve 4 Spring Winters to go.  Time will pass all too quickly as the days grow longer and outside demands grow heavier.

Now…if the rain will just hold off long enough….  My to do list just grew longer and more urgent.


Goodbye 2014

oWell, it’s finally come – the end of 2014.

December 31 slipped in faster than I’d hoped.

Too much living crammed into too few hours, and not enough time spent on making hopes and dreams come true.

That’s one mistake made in 2014.  I won’t broach the others.  No need. The list would be long and I’d prefer to invest my time elsewhere.

As I glance back over the past 12 months, I see success far more than I see failure, happiness more than tears, health and not illness.  2014 was a good year – a year that will launch me into 2015 upright and eager.

Things remaining on my 2014 To Do List will not roll automatically onto or into 2015. Perhaps there was a reason they were unfulfilled – a reason that needs to be explored and not ignored.

2014 will soon be little more than a bundle of memories, tangible and intangible, captured in words and pictures, thoughts and things.

2015 will see a more narrow focus – that of leaning hard into what’s important.

Funny thing is – what’s important to me probably won’t be to anyone else.


Happy New Year!  Ready or not, here it comes!

February 25th

Today is the 56th day of the year.

How did that happen?

I’m certain I’ve lived every one of those 56 days…but I can’t account for many….

14 days of the 56 were spent out of state and most of them are a blur.  I feel like I’m missing half of this month and in reality, I guess I am.  The first half was spent in SC.  The second half was spent at home trying to get caught up.

And, here we are three days away from the beginning of the third month of the year.

How, exactly, did that happen?

Have there truly been 56 sun rises so far this year?

Apparently so.

I took a peek at my list of things I want to accomplish this year. I’d better get a move on if I’m going to get some things done.

Spring is just around the corner and time is marching on.  It will take every dry, sunny day between now and planting time to get things ready.

And, after Spring come Summer and I have a long list of things I need done in the garage before hot weather arrives.

I need life to slow down and the days to lengthen.  I need to cull some superfluous activities and involvements and focus on what’s important…to me.

What’s important to you?  Is it hard to focus on yourself and do what’s important to YOU? It is for me.  Perhaps it’s part ,personality, part gender, part maternal, part expectations, part training…. We’re taught to think first of others and their needs and desires and to think last of our own.

But, Jesus clearly said we are to love others as we love ourselves.

I have to take good care of me in order to take good care of you.

Refocus. Redirect. Realign. Priorities – that’s where my energy needs to be focused.

What are my priorities right now on this, the 56th day of the year?

I have 309 days left in this year (it’s not a Leap Year) and a long list of to dos to get done if I want to welcome 2015 differently than I welcomed 2014.

You have the same number of days left in this year as I.

Where will your focus be?