Turn the Calendar

I can’t believe April is one day away from being flipped into the past.  Where has this month gone?

The calendar doesn’t lie.  Here we are, April 29.  I’ve already peeked at May and thought of what it offers – 31 days instead of 30 and a peek at what Summer will be like. But, I’m not ready to turn the page on the calendar – no, not yet.

What I wish is to roll back the calendar and let it be the end of March with April ahead of me – but still maintain NOW with all of life that’s happened in the past month.  That would put me a month ahead in some ways.  In other ways it would allow me to catch up.

Ah, but that’s not how life is.

Life, like a calendar, lets me look back but won’t let me go back. Life is progressive, always moving forward, minute by minute, day by day. It’s always 1…2…3…. It’s never 3…2…1.

The only time 1 follows 31 is when we turn the calendar and move forward into a new month.

As the fifth month of the year quickly approaches, I have two choices.

  1. I can bemoan the fact that I didn’t accomplish all I needed to and waste time on what could have/should have been.
  2. I can take quick inventory on what wasn’t done, list what needs to be done, and enter May focused, determined and aggressive with a plan in hand.




A childhood verse comes to mind: April showers bring May flowers.

I’ve spent enough time beating myself up over what wasn’t. It’s time to face forward, grab my pen and calendar, and take charge of May before it takes charge of me. I want to squeeze every hour of daylight out of her 31 days.

At the end of May, when I stand before the calendar facing June, I want to look back and say, “well done” and be able to step confidently into the next month and embrace all the possibilities it holds.

It’s time to close the books on April.

May’s coming.

Bring it on!