The Scent of…a Newly Opened Can of Coffee

I scrapped the last grounds from the coffee can and reached for the new one.

I like my coffee.  I like it hot or room temperature.  And, I like it black.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

I prepare my coffee maker each night before going to bed so the first thing that greets me in the morning is the aroma of brewing coffee.


As I was saying, I scraped the few final grounds from the can of coffee and reached for the new can.  I removed the lid and stared at the silver air tight seal that covered the opening of the can.

I hesitated.

“I really should wait to open this until tomorrow morning,” I thought.  But, I quickly dismissed the thought and yanked the silver seal from the can.

Immediately, I knew I should have lingered longer over that thought.

The aroma of fresh coffee grounds curled up my nostrils and into my brain.

AAAAAHHHH…what an aroma.  This must be what Heaven smells like.

I shook my head in an attempt to clear it and quickly scooped out the grounds I needed to complete my task at hand.

I snapped the lid back on the can and put it away.

But, the wonderful fragrance lingered.

And, it followed me as I passed through the house to the bedroom.

I closed the door upon it, but it slipped under and followed me into bed.

“Darn coffee,” I said to Hubby.  “I can smell it all the way in here.”

Throughout the night, each time I woke, I did so to the aroma of fresh coffee grounds.

Aaaaahhhh…talk about sweet dreams.

This morning when I rose, I did so to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

I’ve had 7 cups so far and my morning just crossed into the afternoon.  I’ve added more of the fragrant grounds atop those in the filter and poured more water into the coffee pot’s reservoir.

There’s still 6 cups left and my day is hardly half gone.  I take my last sip of coffee at 6 pm – nothing later.

AAAAHHHHH…excuse me while I enjoy another cup.