Today in history, Arthur Tooth (an Anglican clergyman) was taken into custody after being prosecuted for using ritualistic practices.

The term “ritualistic practices” caught my attention as I scanned the long list of historical happenings on this date (beginning with 565 A.D.)

Having grown up in church and living for over 32 years as the wife of a minister, I found myself wondering what this man did that led to his prosecution. An active participant in a Protestant denomination for my entire life, I know the place tradition and rituals hold in most traditional churches and in the lives of the people who attend.

(If you think your church is the exception, look at the order of service, the types of things offered, the hierarchy of leadership….)

A quick Google of Albert Tooth revealed a Wiki piece on him. On this page, an accompanying Wiki piece explained ritualism in the Church of England.

(Interesting reading, if church history wasn’t your college major, and well worth the brief time required to read both.)

As a bit of a teaser to entice you to check out the sites above, let me say this – the Public Worship Regulation Act that seems so incredulous may not be so far fetched when one considers our own Constitution and the arguments that go on behind the scenes regarding religion and legality of religious practices.

What say I?

Religion is mankind’s attempt to find God and make peace with him.

Jesus is God’s attempt to find mankind and make peace with them.

Give me Jesus…simply Jesus.