Unexpected Insight

Daughter, in comparing her current work situation with that of her previous, said the following.

“I don’t have to worry about things my coworkers say during break or lunch.  They don’t talk dirty like the women did at my other store.”

I suggested a possible reason.

“Many of the women where you now work are Muslim – at your old store they were Christian, or at least most likely attended church and would consider themselves Christian.”

She paused a moment and then shook her head. She agreed that was probably the difference.  And, a sad difference it was.

As she shook her head, I found myself shaken. Things came to mind that I had said or done, habits I’ve developed….

Deeply convicted by the Muslim women’s devotion to their belief and my own words about fellow Christians, I’ve begun an introspective journey that I hope will lead to a change in who I am and how I am, a greater understanding of myself and deeper appreciation of others.

I am Christian. But, does my behavior reflect my belief?  What of my speech? My lifestyle?

What of your belief?  Do you walk the walk or simply talk the talk?