Dogwood Winter 2015

Slow down, Spring.  Please, slow down.

Your longer days bid me linger in your presence.

But, you’re passing so quickly I hardly have time to enjoy you.  I’ll blink twice and you’ll be gone.

Stay with me…settle in and pass some time with me.  Stay a while and let me soak up your sweetness and savor your beauty.

Red tulips. Yellow daffodils.  Grape hyacinths.  Flaming forsythia.  Violet violets. Pink peach blossoms. Hot pink redbuds. Green clover. New leaf green.

You’re in such a hurry – rushing toward Summer…. Slow down.

Let me touch you…smell you…feel you…inhale you…enjoy you.

Pear blooms – nearly gone.  Redbud burst blooms a week ago.  Peach blossoms…dropping.

And, now…now Dogwood spreads its bracts, wider each day, pale green, greenish white, whitish green, whitish tan, whiter…then white as the flowers within them bloom.

Today, a cold front rolled through with rain and storms and wind.  Tonight the temperature will feel more like Winter than Spring and offers a promise of frost for Easter morning.

Dogwood Winter is upon us.

That’s two down.  Three more Winters to go.


Spring’s Confusing Winters

While out and about with Mom last week we noted the Redbuds in full bloom – gorgeous deep pink – and Dogwoods, showing their first bright flash of white.

“This must have been Redbud winter that we just had,” Mom commented.

“Um…you said Redbud winter arrived two weeks ago,” I cautiously reminded her. “Dogwoods were coming into bloom.  Are you certain that wasn’t Dogwood Winter?”

“No, it’s not Dogwood winter yet,” she assured me.  “The next cold snap will be Dogwood Winter.”

And, so it appears Dogwood Winter is NOW upon us. (It was 36 degrees when I greeted the day and tonight the temperature will drop into the mid 20’s.  That’s a little BRRR for mid April.)

I’m sure in another week or two a new cold snap will slip in after a cold front and chill us again.

If Locust trees are coming into bloom, then it will be Locust Winter. And, if not?  Well…I don’t know…just consider it a reminder that Spring can be confusing at times.

Apparently there is a cold snap that occurs as pear trees are coming into bloom.  And, another that occurs when “Tulip trees” are in full bloom (usually a killing freeze).  And, there’s another that occurs when pear trees are in full bloom, just as peach begins to bloom.

And, as Redbud begins to show color, there’s a cold snap and when it’s in full bloom (I suppose that’s when Redbud Winter is declared)…another. And, at some point between Redbud’s first blush of color and its full glory, Dogwood begins to show color and we have another cold snap.

And, then when Dogwood shimmers full and white, there’s another Winter and we (apparently) declare it Dogwood Winter.

It gets a bit confusing…all these cold snaps. I’m not sure how cold it needs to be if we’re to declare it a Winter.

As we leave April behind and slip into May, things will get a little less confusing as temperatures rise and the promise of Summer can be heard clicking her heels as she steps closer with each day’s move on the calendar.

Spring’s Winters…they are dependable…coming about every 10 days it seems.  Call them what you will…they keep us guessing – about what to wear, when to plant….

They make life interesting, keep us on our toes, and remind us that we aren’t in charge or in control.

Oh, better cover up your tender vegetation tonight…forecast is for a hard freeze. 😉

Happy Dogwood Winter!