Autumn Means…

We know why we call fall…Fall.

It’s the season when things…fall.

  • leaves fall
  • temperature falls
  • night falls earlier
  • blooms fall
  • seeds fall
  • shadows fall
  • rain falls
  • sap falls
  • snow falls
  • summer wear falls into disuse

But, why do we call Fall…Autumn?

It would seem that no one knows for certain!

Autumn appears to have fallen from the Latin word auctumnus, which refers to increase…or perhaps even harvest.

Harvest – now there’s a fitting word for the season that falls after Summer.

And that’s exactly what I did last Thursday, the day before the first killing freeze of this season struck. I harvested EVERYTHING edible in the garden.

It’s hard to look at the fallen garden.  Tomato plants, now dead black, lie withered on the ground. Burnt and blackened peas and bean plants stand ready to fall.  Okra…my beloved okra…my fallen okra….

When I saw the garden two days after the killing freeze, my heart joined the fallen.

“Fall is fitting,” I think as I scuff my feet through fallen leaves that will soon bury the fallen of the garden.

Yes…Fall fits especially well – “fall back” Sunday is this weekend.

Don’t forget to fall back from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. 😉