So Busy

Today is my 150th post.

It’s also the last day of May.

And, it’s Friday.

So, tomorrow will be my 151st post, the first day of June, and Saturday.

Is it possible I’ve written that many posts? Where did May go?? What happened to the week???

In other words, where has the time gone????


Am I so busy that I push through each day without being thankful for it and the opportunities it brings me?

I hope not. But, I fear that may well be the case.

What inspiration did I receive yesterday while working in the garden?

  • dry ground is hard ground
  • hard ground is hard to work
  • chopped grass dies quickly in the hot sun
  • exposed roots = death
  • dirt clods can contain “treasures”
  • overworked muscles burn
  • exposed skin sunburns
  • a breeze is welcome, a wind is not
  • weeds can be tiny
  • it’s easiest to remove weeds when they are small
  • shallow roots = vulnerable plant
  • shallow breathing + physical labor = dizziness
  • the body can do far more than we realize
  • tired does not = exhausted
  • rest is as important as work
  • food tastes better when you’re hungry
  • one cannot tell what’s in the dirt by looking at the surface
  • a shovel full of dirt = a shovel full of dirt
  • dry dirt sustains no life – not even bugs/worms
  • wandering clouds are welcome on sunny days
  • a cup of cold water refreshes
  • a dirty cut becomes infected
  • you’re never too dirty (or smelly) to spend time with your granddaughter
  • if you work hard enough and long enough, you will get the job done
  • there’s great satisfaction in a job well done

The last day of May – wow.  We’ve gone through all of the Spring Winters and are moving toward the first day of Summer.  I can hardly believe the year is almost half gone.

But, when I look back to January 1 and see all that I’ve accomplished…all that’s occurred in the past 5 months I’m surprised it’s only May 31.

As I sit and type this, I have great satisfaction knowing the garden is completed – everything is planted. The addition of the 20×6 ft section is now planted with giant sunflowers, green beans and watermelons.  All I need to do now is sit back and wait for the rain the radar shows is heading our way soon.

Rain!?!? Oh, no!! I’m supposed to cut a neighbor’s yard today (they are out of town until Sunday). Is it too early to cut grass at 7 a.m.?  I’d better post this, put on my work shoes and pull out the mower.  The forecast shows rain probability until MONDAY – YIKES!!!

Am I so busy that I push through each day without being thankful for it and the opportunities it brings me? Probably so.

Yesterday as I left Mom’s house after working in the garden all day (except for when I was holding my granddaughter), she said, “I wish sometime you would come and spend all day with me and NOT work.”

I’d better schedule that in….