I Think Therefore I’m Wrong

How often are you wrong?


And, when you’re wrong do you admit it? Or, do you hide it…excuse it?

I’m human.

And, I think.

When you combine the two you have a flawed creature with the potential for error.

Therefore, I’m wrong.

It’s possible I’m wrong as often as I’m right…and probably more often, if I’m honest with you and with myself.

I think, therefore I’m wrong.

For 55 years I found it hard to say the words, “I’m wrong.”

I was a right fighter.  Pride and fear kept me from admitting to myself and others that I was, could be, am…wrong.

Old habits are hard to break.  I still find myself in the role of right fighter and when I do, I stop and utter the words, I was wrong.”

What a difference those three little words make.

They are humbling, intimidating, door opening, laughter producing, freeing….

Do you know how good it feels to allow yourself to be wrong? What a burden is lifted when you stop trying to be right all the time!

“I was wrong” opens doors that “I’m right” slams shut. It has a way of healing relationships and relieving mental anguish.

Releasing our need to be right frees us to be wrong and it frees us from Pharisaical living.  It gives us the right to be human and allows humanity in others.  Did you know…humans make errors?

I don’t want to be right all the time.  There’s too much stress and responsibility in being a right fighter.  I can’t be myself, or live into who God has recreated me to be in Jesus.

I’m learning that it’s okay to be wrong. The world doesn’t end and and my family/friends don’t desert me.

After all…they knew I was wrong and too proud to admit it.


The first few times I said “I was wrong” were humorous and a bit unexpected. Some asked me to repeat what I’d said…disbelief, I suppose, or sheer joy in the fact that I’d said it.

It’s difficult to say “I was wrong” – it opens wide the door and lets any comments in as well as the potential for hurt.  But, “I was wrong” takes responsibility and values the other above self. It releases arrogance, lets go of pride, ends the fight, evens the field.

I was wrong.

Try it.  You may like it.