Take a deep, cleansing breath. Hold it. Now, slowly release it.

Take another.  Hold it a little longer than before.  Slowly exhale.

Do it again.  Inhale.  Hold it.  Slowly exhale.

Did you feel your shoulder muscles relax? Did your mind respond to the increased oxygen level in your blood stream?  Do you feel more alert?

Inspiration does that for you.

Whether it’s breathing in new air or taking in new ideas, inspiration awakens us to new possibilities.

How often do you pause, take a deep cleansing breath and allow inspiration to fill you, heal you, propel you forward?

Where do you seek inspiration?

  • quiet walk
  • meditation
  • Scripture
  • online
  • pinterest
  • prayer
  • work
  • gardening
  • driving
  • exercise
  • hobbies
  • friends
  • books
  • family
  • nature
  • ?

We inspire so we don’t expire.

Once again, draw air deeply into your lungs – expand them as fully as possible.  Come on, you can take in a little more. No shallow inspiration allowed this time. We commonly use only a small portion of our lungs when we inspire – fill them deeply…expand them.

Hold it.

Now, exhale fully.

Did your fingertips tingle?

Imagine what inspiration does for your mind and your emotions.

Where will you seek inspiration today?

Me?  I’m heading outside to work in the garden.

My niece suggested I add beans and watermelons to our family garden – and mentioned Granddad sometimes planted giant sunflowers, too.  So, yesterday I added 6×20 feet to the garden. Today the soil will be prepared, rows created and (hopefully) before rain arrives seeds will be planted.

There will be ample time for inspiration – physical as well as mental – as I work my body, accomplish my task and open my mind to see, to hear, to understand…to be awakened by inspiration.

Out with the bad, in with the good.  Breathe deeply. Open yourself to possibilities. Relax. Draw in new thoughts, new ideas. Welcome the rejuvenation that inspiration brings.

Now, exhale…pass it on – go be an inspiration to someone else.