The ON Button

My morning sleep was interrupted by a loud bang. A quick look at the clock as I jumped from bed told me that I had overslept and the bang I’d heard was probably Daughter leaving for work.

With heart racing, I opened my bedroom door and saw her in the living room.

My pace slowed but my racing heart didn’t. In an attempt to restore normal and defuse the adrenaline coursing through my veins, I switched on my desk lamp, opened my laptop and typed in my password.

I wanted to check the weather before Daughter left.  Heavy rain was falling and the temperature was forecast to fall throughout the day.  Freezing rain, sleet and snow were possible before she arrived safely home late afternoon.

My mind was screaming “routine, routine, routine” in an attempt to slow my thinking and find normal, and I felt myself slowing and settling in.

But for some reason my computer didn’t accept my password and move beyond the black screen on the monitor.


Black screen?

I put on my glasses and leaned in for a close look. The little white light wasn’t glowing beside the ON button.


Had I typed in the password without turning on my laptop?

I willed my mind to think back over the last minute.

  • Upon seeing Daughter, I moved to my desk,
  • turned on the desk lamp,
  • opened my laptop,
  • and typed in my password.


I missed one important step in that routine.  I didn’t turn the laptop ON. It was plugged in to the power source, but I didn’t do what was necessary to allow the laptop to access the power available.

I failed to finish the connection…complete the circuit…flip the switch…turn it on.

Pressing that little ON button does more than turn on that little white light and stir my laptop to life.

The simple act of pressing the ON button changes something deep within the workings of the laptop that allows the electricity to rush in and activate it.

Until the ON button is pushed, the laptop has potential, but it’s unrealized and inactivated.

But, press that ON button when it’s connected to the power source and POW the power rushes in and fills it – and then anything is possible.

Let’s make this personal.

Maybe you’re going through the routine and not getting anywhere.  Potential is there, you’re certain of it, but .nothing’s clicking. You’ve checked to see if you’re plugged in – and you are. The password has been entered.

So, what’s the problem?

What would it take to

  • complete the circuit within you?
  • to turn you ON?
  • to allow power to course through you?
  • to make that final connection that fills you and moves you forward in clarity and single-minded purpose?
  • to finally realize your potential?
  • to activate you?
  • to move you from where you are to where you want to be?

Where’s the break in your circuit?  It might be as simple a fix as…finding the ON button and giving it a push.

Of course…I’m assuming you’re connected to the Source of the power.  If not, plug in.

Seven Days of Silence

A week has passed since my last post.

My intention, when I began posting this year, was to post daily for 365 days.  Just to see if I could, I suppose.

For some reason unknown to me, two weeks ago I felt the urge to write and to schedule posts ahead. By the time Friday morning arrived, I had 5 posts waiting in the wings…set to post on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

I was prepared should something transpire that would keep me from posting here for several days. That felt good and for some reason important. I patted myself on the back and debated how I would spend my morning writing time the next 5 days.

Saturday morning – I slept in.

Sunday morning – I planned to sleep a bit later than usual but was awakened by a phone call that would change my plans for the next 7 days.

Monday morning – An early rise allowed me time to get a little work under my belt before I left for the hospital to be with Mom, who was in MICU.  (Medical Intensive Care Unit)

Tuesday morning – Rising early gave me time to cut Mom’s grass before heading to MICU room 5906.

Wednesday morning – Morning began shortly after midnight on the 5th floor, room 5331, with the first of many interruptions and intrusions: beeps, alarms, voices, nurses, techs, up, down, in, out, lights on, footsteps, door opening and closing….

Thursday morning dawned when the tech flipped the light in the “ON” position at 4 a.m. to get Mom up to weigh her.  (That’s a tale for another post.)

As I lay on the cot at the foot of Mom’s bed, with the cover over my head to block the light, I felt quite empty knowing Thursday would be the first day in over 120 that I’d not posted here.

Oh, it wasn’t from lack of trying.  I had internet at the hospital – via ipad and laptop (Windows). I just couldn’t access my blog.  I could access WordPress and my stats – but not my Dashboard or my blog itself.  I couldn’t even bring Suzansays up to see what had posted. That gave me much GRRRRRRR.

And, I was frustrated to know that I had not been able to reach my goal of 365 consecutive days of posts.

But, life goes on.

Mom was dismissed from the hospital Saturday – a week after being admitted for a high fever – and as we move forward each day, I find myself tentatively settling back into what had become a normal routine for me.

Seven days of silence.

These silent days taught me much.

  • Anticipate
  • Be prepared
  • Communication is necessary
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Find your center
  • Get ready
  • Have a plan
  • I need you
  • Just chill
  • Keep focus
  • Love more
  • Maintain balance
  • No regrets
  • Opt in
  • Plan ahead
  • Quit complaining
  • Review often
  • Sleep is vital
  • Time is irrelevant
  • User-friendly = 🙂
  • Value family/friends
  • Words are important
  • Xyst time refreshes
  • You need me
  • Zealous nurses/techs save lives

In the coming days/posts, I plan to share some of the thoughts/happenings from those 7 days of silence.

But as we well know –

“The best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry”

Until the next post….

Or. as we say ’round these parts, “later gator!”

You Can’t Teach a New Computer Old Tricks

My new laptop arrived yesterday.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Well, I’ve decided you can’t teach a new computer old tricks.

This old dog is open to learning new tricks.  I’m willing and able to learn and incorporate the laptop’s newness into my oldness.

The problem is the laptop is not giving one inch when it comes to allowing for my old habits.

(I’m Windows XP – it’s Windows 7.)

I’ve tried teaching it a few things and as smart as it is, it’s not open to learning anything old from me.

My old laptop has everything in the right place and knows what to do and when to do and how I want it to do. Its cursor behaves itself when I type.

The new laptop has more keys and the “home” keys are in a different location…hunt and peck is my typing style on it as I learn.  It will be some time before I’m up to typing 100 wpm on it.  And, the cursor turns me into a curser, if I’m not careful.  It jumps around when I type and clicks on all sorts of things it has no business clicking on.

I tried chatting online with the new computer last night.  That was such a disaster that I unplugged the new and set back up the old.  I would type and the cursor would cause the letters I typed to appear in the wrong places, or words/sentences to be deleted.  After sending several messages of total gibberish I called it quits.

It’s like a child with a new toy – I think it’s enjoying playing with me.

Daughter said she would check it out and see what can be done to calm it down a bit.  We’re certain the touchpad is too sensitive.

I assured her, “I can tame it.”  I just need time and patience, neither of which I have enough at present.

Her advice as she left this morning was: Don’t use the new laptop for work, or anything serious.  Just use it for playing around on until you get used to it.

She need not worry.  There won’t be any serious work done on it for some time yet.

I can’t even remember how she said to turn it on….