What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday – World Meteorological Day.

I have a definite affinity to all things weather wise.

Excuse me – the sun’s shining and the sky is clear blue.  I’m going to celebrate.  I’ll let you guess what. 🙂


Sunburn and Mosquito Bites

Gardeners garden for various reasons.

  • pleasure
  • exercise
  • hobby
  • food
  • money
  • experience
  • love
  • boredom
  • relaxation
  • enjoyment
  • stimulation
  • wellbeing
  • health

I garden because I enjoy everything about it.

Well…almost everything.

I could do without the painful sunburn and itchy mosquito bites.

Especially since both could have been prevented by the simple act of wearing a long sleeved shirt (instead of a spaghetti strap tank) and sweat pants instead of shorts.

Yes, I could have applied sunscreen and sprayed myself with bug deterrent, but I’m chemical sensitive and have to be careful what I put on my skin.

At my age, you’d think I’d take better care of my skin and not expose it to the sun as freely as I did – or allow mosquitoes to nosh on me and swill my life flow. (Especially after the report of West Nile positive mosquitoes.)

But, I wanted a little sun on my back and shoulders so I chose to expose myself a bit more than usual – after all, it was mostly cloudy…most of the time.  Plus, I was certain I would be finished before West Nile mosquitoes became active.

Well, I received an abundance of sunshine and my tender skin is screaming about it right now.  At least my vitamin D level should be high enough…. But, the damage I received, coupled with numerous serious sunburns in my childhood, elevates my already high possibility of developing skin cancer.

And, the numerous itchy whelps that dot my arms and legs remind me to be more careful – West Nile is not something I want to play around with.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

So.  What’s my takeaway from this?  What’s my positive in all this negative?

  • I probably increased my vitamin D level.
  • Refrigerated 100% Aloe gel soothes sunburn pain and mosquito bites momentarily.
  • The time span from 24  to 48 hours after are the most painful for sunburns – and itchy for mosquito bites.
  • Knowing what to do and not doing it is foolish.
  • Bad sunburns happen even on cloudy days.
  • Tender white skin burns quickly and deeply – cover up.
  • A bad sunburn gives flu-like symptoms.
  • Gardeners wear long sleeves and pants for a reason.
  • Foolish decisions can impact us the remainder of our lives.
  • A gentle pat on the back can be excruciatingly painful, so can a well-meaning hug.
  • Pain makes me grouchy.
  • The garden is finished.
  • I feel good about my labor.
  • I’m learning to take “I told you so” better, and actually may begin to listen and take the advice offered.
  • Throwing caution to the wind is like spitting in the wind.  You’ve gotta make sure the wind is at your back and not in your face.
  • Keep my shirt on – who’s going to see my tanned back anyway? It’s not my back Hubby notices and he’s certainly not going to say, “I just love your tanned back.”
  • Lessons learned the hard way tend to make a lasting impression – just hope this lesson doesn’t scar me.
  • Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy – sunburn on my back can make me cry.
  • Everything I do reminds me of my error – my “sin” is ever before me…or in this case, behind me.
  • It’s possible to sleep on your badly sunburned back.  (I’d advise you wait until the aloe gel dries – otherwise you will awake to find your extremely painful back firmly GLUED to the sheet beneath you.)
  • Given opportunity, the sun will burn and mosquitoes will bite. I know this from past experience. My responsibility to my body = not provide opportunity for either.
  • Learning from past experience and making changes is wise. Ignoring past lessons learned and expecting a different outcome without taking different action is foolish.
  • This body is the only one I have and I’m going to need it until the day I breathe my last breath.  I’d better take better care of her so she can take care of me.

The garden is finished.  But, there’s one more thing to plant in the space between the garden and the fence – “tired” potatoes (sweet and white).

I’ve never heard of anyone being sunburned during a thunderstorm, so if my sunburn can stand a shirt touching it, I think I’ll wait until the rain begins before I head out to set up and set out my “tired” potatoes.

And, don’t even talk to me about being struck by lightning – la la la la la la, I’m not listening to you….