The Mountain You Climb

The mountain you climb may seem only an ant hill to someone else.

Remember that the next time you tell someone: “get over it” – “get on with life” – “it’s not that bad.”

Anthills are more than they seem and deeper than they appear. Appearance isn’t everything.

Do yourself and others a favor and remember that before belittling the efforts of another, their life’s experiences, or the choices they make.

One man’s anthill is another man’s mountain.

Just because you can see over the next rise doesn’t mean the person next to you can.

And, simply because you can easily step on, over or around a bump in the path doesn’t mean others can.

One man’s mountain is another man’s anthill.

The mountain you climb, no matter how high…how terrifying…how challenging is just an anthill to some around you.

Look with compassion and see the struggles of others as real, valid, important, and necessary.

And, once you’ve climbed the heights remember, the way down is just as deep as the way up was high and is filled with struggles and intrigues of its own.

After all, most valleys are little more than inverted mountains.

Life is a struggle for us all. The height of our climb is insignificant for we all are surmounting obstacles as we press forward in daily living.

Anthill or Everest – it doesn’t matter which lies before you…either must be scaled. And, you’re the only one who can do it.  It’s better and safer to do so in community with those who support us, acknowledge our journey and applaud our achievements.

What mountain are you climbing? What of the person nearest you?

We all need someone to

  • Extend a hand.
  • Offer a leg up.
  • Provide support.
  • Help balance the load.
  • Throw a rope.
  • Be a counterbalance.
  • Belay a line.
  • Encourage the next step.

Mountain or anthill? It doesn’t matter what name you assign it.  It’s the mountain you climb and that’s what’s important.

To all my mountain climbing friends out there – could you give me a hand up? I can’t quite reach the next ledge….